About me

Helping you to take back control

Depression, anxiety and low self-esteem can feel suffocating. You might feel you’ve lost your sense of self, that these emotions have taken control of your whole life.

Counselling completely changed my own relationship with these issues. I’ve since made it my mission to understand them and through my training, experience and research, I’ve developed an approach to help my clients overcome them too.

These feelings have their purpose and we’d never want to remove them completely, but reducing them can help you feel calmer, more confident and help you to take back control. 

Ben Shears smiles at camera with daughter on shoulders, whilst walking on Dartmoor.

About Me

I had counselling myself for issues around anxiety and depression and after making progress, I wanted to learn how to support others facing similar challenges. 

I took a counselling course and knew immediately I wanted to pursue a career in this area. I completed my training on an accredited course and setup my private practice shortly after.

My belief is that the relationship is everything. I’ve seen how much my clients have benefited from the trust, patience and humour that exists between us. 

For the past six years and now alongside my counselling practice, I work supporting primary school pupils, particularly those with additional social or behavioural needs. 

At the height of Covid, I provided counselling for young adults at Brixham Youth Enquiry Service. I enjoy working with this age group and I have undertaken additional training to better understand how to support these clients.